Roberta Cohen
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Artist's Statement

I am an artist who draws.

I mostly use charcoal, pencil, pastel and chalk.  I mostly work in black and white.  I push materials beyond their usual applications.  Actually, I push through them – using them not just to make a mark on paper, but to create depth, richness and light. 

My drawings are, in part, about light.  They are also about balance, and space, and expression.  My work partly explores the formal qualities of drawing and art making – including the use of line and marks, portrayal of light, demarcation of structure, placement on the page.  But, I am really most interested in the poetry of it all – in finding the rhythm that comes with looking.  In taking a literal world and merging it with a poetic one.  In expressing the way I see or, maybe, showing you a way to see. 

In my most recent work, I am drawing interiors and, oftentimes, “peopling” them with figures.  I am looking at spaces where light, balance and view are not only part of describing the space but are also part of defining it.  I am looking at figures as objects, symbols, portraits and story tellers.  I want the drawings to have the quiet that comes before something is about to happen or has just happened.  I want them to have a sense of place.  I want them to have the poetry of being. 

The drawings and paintings are all tied to each other, and one picks up where the other left off.  As you may see, I am searching for something.
I am narrating a story, relaying a dream, defining a path, and capturing a sense of being.

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